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When you adopt a pair of gerbils, a portion of the adoption fee goes directly towards your membership to the American Gerbil Society!  

Already an AGS member?  Show us your active membership and we will offer a discount on pair adoption fees!

Please understand that we cannot guarantee color choices, but will do our best to accommodate!

Not in Colorado?  Not a problem!

While we do NOT ship, we can connect you with BWC Gerbils and Small Animal Transport who is able to transport to nearly any state Coast to Coast (California excluded as gerbils are illegal in the state).

Contact BWC if you are interested in learning more!

Dark Eyed Honey x Blue 
Litter of 4 pups born February 9, 2021 - Available March 23, 2021

Litter expected late March/Early April 2021


  • Pup#1 - Male

  • Pup#2 - Female

  • Pup#3 - Male

  • Pup#4 - Female


  • Pup#1 - Black

  • Pup#2 - Golden Agouti

  • Pup#3 - Black

  • Pup#4 - Golden Agouti

Reservation ID

  • Reserved CS

  • Reserved DG

  • Reserved CS

  • Reserved DG

Light Colorpoint Agouti x Spotted Colorpoint Dark Eyed Honey(Black Eyed White) Litter anticipated in March 2021

Adoption Philosophy

At Westbrook Whiskers, we are a proud member of the American Gerbil Society and abide by all rules, requirements, and standards.  All of our breeders and companion gerbils are registered with the AGS. 

We are committed to finding the best homes for our babies and will only place gerbils in pairs due to their very social nature.  Single adoptions will only be considered under certain circumstances if you already have a single gerbil in need of a friend.

Note, we will not separate our babies from their mothers until they are at least six weeks old. 

We do NOT ship, however; transportation within 50-75mi. of the Denver Metro area may be available for an additional fee.  Long distance transportation via small animal transport may also be available, contact us to discuss!

Return Policy

In the unlikely event one of your gerbils is not the right gender, we will take back one or both gerbils.  If you wish to keep one, we will happily assist in providing a new tank mate for free and will even conduct the split cage introduction for you if necessary! 

Should you need to rehome your adopted gerbils, please contact us first before you consider surrendering to a pet rescue! 

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