Meet Our Breeders

We will not overbreed our animals! 


We separate our males and females after 2-3 litters to allow the mother time to rest and heal.  We believe breeding gerbils back to back, without meaningful breaks, is unethical and cruel.  After a 2-3 month break, we spit-cage introduce pairs back together for another 2-3 litters before breaking again.  Momma is always kept with a female pup and dad usually moves over to help make another litter.  


For this reason you will often see one of our males paired with more than one female (NOT AT THE SAME TIME)!  We rotate breeding pairs to allow for heathy mommas which means heathy babies!  This also allows for us to develop stronger breeding lines by spreading good genes. 

thor and roxi.jpg

Thor and Roxi

Thor was born October 10, 2020 out of Black Wolf Clan (BWC).  He is a big boy and a very handsome Dark Eyed Honey (DEH).

Roxi is our Blue beauty and is also out of BWC.  Born October 15, 2020, she can be shy but once she’s in your hand she is a love-bug!

Between litters with Roxi, Thor will be paired with other females in our colony.

Thor and Roxi had their first litter on 2/9/2021 and their second litter on 3/14/2021.  The pair is currently separated to give Roxi a break.  They will be reintroduced in the future.

Fifteen and Rayla

Fifteen is Thor’s brother and also from BWC, born October 10, 2020.  While not as big as his brother, he is still a tank.  Our 5 year old son named him Fifteen, we don’t know why, but when I thought about it, I realized it had been 15 years since I last had gerbils and the name truly fit!

Rayla is a gorgeous spotted Colorpoint Dark Eyed Honey girl, more commonly referred to as a Black Eyed White (BEW).  She is so incredibly sweet, friendly, and immediately climbs my arm once it's in her cage.  Born December 11, 2020 from Gerbils on the Quay.  

Fifteen and Rayla had their first litter on 3/3/2021 and will be expecting their second litter in early April.