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Why Gerbils?

What Motivates Us

Gerbils were a common appearance across pet stores in Colorado; however, it seems they have since disappeared.  We have not seen a gerbil for sale, outside two owner surrenders, in nearly two years...maybe longer.  While we are actually thrilled they are not being sold in pet stores, we are so sad that so many people are missing out on the amazing world of gerbils.  We want to change that!  


...but WHY gerbils?  It’s simple...why not?!  

  • Gerbils make amazing pets for children as young as 8!  But who said gerbils were just for kids?!  Gerbils make great pets for adults too, especially those wishing to re-live a simpler time when they had a ”pocket pet” as a child or who want to share those memories with their own children.


  • Gerbils do not stink like most small animals!  They are very hygienic little creatures who are easily litter trained and require little cage maintenance.


  • Gerbil habitats are low maintenance!  With regular spot cleaning of their cage and a dedicated “sand potty” cleaned every few days, their cages do not need a complete clean out but once a month!  Please note, this is only the case with tank setups, anything with plastic tubes (“habitrail” type setups) are not recommended and will require weekly deep cleaning.

  • Gerbils are NOT nocturnal!  Unlike the common and easily found hamster who is strictly nocturnal, gerbils can be both diurnal and nocturnal.  Our gerbils have adjusted their sleep cycles to be diurnal and are awake throughout the day begging to get out to play and cuddle!  They will still be up at night sometimes, but removing their wheel in the evening helps keep their nighttime antics a little quieter.  By being awake when you are, there is more time to build a lasting bond with your furry little friends!

  • Did you know you can show your gerbil?  Yep, that’s right!  Move over Westminster Dog Show,
    the American Gerbil Society is in town!  Founded in 1998, the AGS is dedicated to educating the public about gerbils while maintaining a high standard for its members.  Physical and virtual gerbil shows are held annually where members are able to show off their beautiful fur-kids and compete in various class groups.  We are a proud member of the AGS and look forward to our chance in “the show ring” someday in the future!


  • Gerbils are fun and lovable!  From their soft furry ears to their tuft tipped tail, what isn’t there to like about gerbils?  They are inquisitive and enjoy being held with proper training (training for human and gerbil alike).  With love and patience they will quickly learn you are amazing and eagerly await attention, shoulder rides, and hand-fed tasty treats.  They will come to the sound of your voice and delight you with their silly antics.


At Westbrook Whiskers we are dedicated to bringing joy into the lives of those around us by means of sweet, family raised gerbils.  We hope to do our part in making hand-tame, healthy gerbils more readily available in Colorado and throughout the western US.  

Hamsters are great...but we think gerbils are better!

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