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Not in Colorado?  Not a Problem!

While we do NOT ship, we can connect you with small animal transport groups who are able to transport to nearly any state Coast to Coast (California excluded as gerbils are illegal in the state).


  If you are interested in setting up transportation, please contact a licensed and insured small animal transporter, many can be found on Facebook.


How Transportation Works

Below Information is courtesy of Pam Thompson of I Love Gerbils

First thing you need to know is it is the responsibility of the BUYER to set up and pay the transporter. The typical average cost is $50-$100 per carrier.  Transport fees are discussed directly with the transporter.  Below I have listed a few recommendations for transporters that I have worked with.

Before making payment to the transporter, confirm with SELLER the date, time, and pickup location that the transporter will provide to you.  You want to make sure the SELLER is available to meet the transporter.  Sometimes the location is too far and the SELLER may not be willing to make the drive.  

It's important to note that individual transporters have different rule and prices. Some require water bottles while some prefer cucumber because the bottle can leak during travel.  Some of the questions the transporter will require is:

- type of animal

- how many

- size/type of carrier

- seller info

Once everything is worked out for pick-up and delivery, you will work with the SELLER to purchase your critters, a carrier, a water bottle, and food if needed.  I provide food for up to 4 days travel for free.  I do not usually charge for food unless it's more than 4 day travel.  If you need food for the transition once they are home, you will need to purchase.  I feed Higgins Sunburst.

Estimate costs for SELLER to transport a gerbil(s):

  • $45 for a pair (singles $25), discount for trios and quads.

  • $13 for Medium carrier (1-2 gerbils)

  • $25 for Large carrier (3 to 4 gerbils)

  • $6 per water bottle

  • Gas fee 


Transport Pick Up Day:


The SELLER will prepare the critters in the carrier. I provide fresh bedding, toilet paper rolls so they don't get bored, food, and a water source.  The carrier will be labeled with your full name, State you live in, and type/number of critters in the carrier.  SELLER will meet transporter at agreed on pick up location. At that time, the transporter will make sure the animals are healthy.  Once handed off to the transporter, the SELLER will message the BUYER to confirm the transfer has happened and the critters are on the way.

Transport Delivery Day:

It is the responsibility of the transporter to provide the delivery date, time, and location to the BUYER. Once the animal is in their care, all communication to the BUYER will come from the transporter.  Bear in mind that it's not an exact science.  There are plenty of things that can hold up the time of delivery. Traffic, potty break, flat tire, etc.

Once the critters are delivered, the BUYER should contact the SELLER to confirm they arrived safe and sound.

If you are interested in setting up transportation, please contact a licensed and insured small animal transporter, many can be found on Facebook.  

Where Our Gerbils Have Gone and/or Where They Are Going:







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