Meet Our Companions

At Westbrook Whiskers we believe that our four-legged companions are far more than pets, they are family.  We strive to provide the best home for all of our furry-babies, small and large alike.  We provide the best healthcare, diet, and love possible and do not believe in getting rid of animals due to old age or ailments.  Once a family member comes home, they are home forever.


American Pitbull/Boxer mix

Lola was born July 13, 2017 and was adopted from Lifeline Puppy Rescue in October 2017.  While she may appear fierce, she is quite the softy and wants nothing more than to get snuggles from her family.  She is incredibly protective over the kiddos and follows them everywhere they go.  While she loves her entire family, she is definitely a “mama’s dog”.



Butch was born May 30, 2018 and was adopted from a family friend.  While he may be small, he is incredibly mighty and is truly the protector of the house.  Butch and Lola are inseparable best friends and spend their days playing with each other and “their kids”.

Cujo Kitty

Domestic Shorthair

Cujo Kitty, whose original name is Alex, is the oldest member of the pack.  We think he was born around November 2002 and was found as a stray.  Cujo gets his name from being a scardycat, he was terrified of everything for the longest time.  While he may have a “mean” sounding name, he is a gentleman of a kitty and wants nothing more than to cuddle all day and night long.


Color - Black

Ella is shy at first, but she is quick to settle in your palm for cuddles!  Ella comes from BWC and was born October 15, 2020.


Color - Dilute Agouti Spot

Batman is another male born at BWC on October 15, 2020 and also named by our son.  Batman is very inquisitive and incredibly SWEET!!!!

Wikileaks (Wiki)

Color - Agouti Spot

Wiki is a sweet male from BWC born October 15, 2020.  While he may act shy, he really just wants to be held and cuddled with his brother Batman!

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